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Custody is the legal assignment of care of a minor child to a parent or other adult. Two types of custody exist: legal custody and physical custody. The courts give residential or physical custody to the person who will house the minor child. A judge decides whom the minor child will live with during the majority of the year. In some cases, the court grants both parents residential custody and each parent has the child 50 percent of the year.

Legal custody is more extensive. It involves making decisions about the child’s health and education. Courts can give legal custody to one parent or both parents depending on each parent’s situation.

It is advised that anyone who is either seeking custody or fighting custody to hire a professional family law attorney. Custody battles can be very tricky as the courts consider many factors. Courts used to be in favor of awarding custody to the mothers in the past. However, courts that are more modern are looking at the whole picture to determine who the soundest parent is. More courts are thinking about the true best interest of the child. An attorney can help either parent to defend himself or herself during the hearing.

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